About Tyre Protector




The Concept of Tyre Protector

The principle behind the Tyre Protector

A fresh tyre has most beneficial rubber reminiscence and consequently you will look at the rubber retain its shape in spite of a puncture. But with ageing, wear and tear the tyre looses it rubber memory. This usually begins to take place at the stop of the legal existence of the tyre. The legal life varies from tyre sorts and manufactures. Wounds following a puncture could be visibly larger within the case of lost rubber memory as opposed to a fresh tyre. The capability of the rubber to preserve its original shape in spite of being stretched is referred to as rubber reminiscence. The rubber memory is also misplaced in case the penetrating object stretches the rubber past its capacity. This is usually up to 3mm diameter in bikes and 6mm diameter in case of four wheelers. You will locate a hollow in cases where big objects puncture a tyre. Another reason for rubber reminiscence loss is in case a penetrating item remains within the tyre for too long. It may also rust and react with the rubber surrounding the item and motive the rubber around to harden or lose its elasticity. Hence such gadgets need to be eliminated through ordinary inspections without or with Tyre Protector.

Tyre Protector will protect your tyre in the following way.
  • The gel protects from air loss in an occasion of a puncture. You can power regardless of the object inside the tyre.
  • However inspecting the tyres once in a month through our authorized sellers will make sure that such objects are eliminated from the tyre. The punctures heal robotically as soon as the item is plucked out.
  • As quickly as the item is eliminated the gel is pushed out from the hollow space resulting from the puncture. The hole contracts due to the tyres rubber memory. The rubber particles in the gel start clogging in the gotten smaller cavity to seal the puncture. This is a everlasting restoration and will now not require an external repair. You can be required to force the vehicle for a quick distance after the item has been plucked out to aid the gel to squeeze out from the cavity. The gel is designed to squirt a completely small quantity though this process.
  • In case you are using or riding far off distances (Over 500-1000 kms at a stretch) It is recommended to look at the tyres after the drive to avoid any rubber reminiscence loss from gadgets which can have penetrated in the tyre.
  • The 2mm coating distributes the gel weight evenly across the repairable place of the tyre. This ensures your tyre stability is not affected. Tyres are required to be balanced in case of 4 wheelers before installing Tyre Protector. In ideal conditions Tyre Protector has the potential to self balance your tyres making sure even wear and tear. However if required Tyre Protector supports Tyre Balancing even though traditional strategies publish installation. 
  • Tyre Protector is compatible with both Regular air and Nitrogen. In case you desire to put in Nitrogen ensure you enhance the wheels with a jack while installing Nitrogen. This is to ensure the coat isn't disturbed.
  • The gel is non toxic, bio degradable and water soluble. This permits the tyre to be washed leaving no traces in case you desire to claim the tyre warranty.
  • In case of rubber memory loss the hole caused due to the puncture will not settlement and the rubber debris will fail to clog the cavity. The gel will simply fill the hollow without sealing the puncture. Punctures caused due to loss of reminiscence may be required to be fixed externally.